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July, 2009

USGS Public Lecture Series – Climate Change 101

The USGS in Reston, VA is holding their next lecture in the Public Lecture Series: Science in Action – “Climate Change 101″ on Wednesday, August 5 at 7 pm. All are welcome! Audiovisual of the lectures [...]

Finally! Python Population Control Getting Some Political Traction

Humans often seem to require a real or perceived crisis before they take action; and, unfortunately,  it may have taken a child’s death for our nation’s political establishment to take action on an issue that wildlife biologists [...]

Thoughts on “Junk Science”

Whether it is initially called junk science, heresy, lunacy, or whatever, there has always been great debate about new scientific findings and endeavors.  Classic examples include evolution, the earth rotating about the sun, the bio-accumulation of [...]

Disconnect Complete: HSUS Opposes Python Control Efforts

My predictions have come true. Not surprisingly, HSUS is opposing efforts to control Burmese pythons, one of the potentially most destructive invasive species to ever be unleashed on the North American continent. In typical HSUS doublespeak, [...]

Schedule, Plenary, Workshops, Childcare and More

The latest issue of The Widllife Society Annual Conference Newsletter was just published.  In this issue you will get information on the schedule changes from past years, such as the timing of the plenary. Also in [...]

Disconnected From Reality: Animal Activist Wants Burmese Pythons Captured and Relocated From Everglades

In another glaring example of their disconnection from reality, a Florida-based animal activist, Carol Cromwell-Ierna,  is calling for the live capture and relocation of 20-30,000 Burmese pythons thought to be roaming the Everglades National Park and [...]

HSUS and Maryland DNR Quibble Over How to Kill Mute Swans

In the latest chapter of the ongoing saga of Mute swan control in Chesapeake Bay, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Maryland DNR are arguing about the methods used to control Mute swans, [...]

Elk Management Policy for Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The U.S. Senate will soon consider an Interior Department appropriations bill that would fund several federal agencies but also authorize sharpshhoters to kill elk within the Theodore Roosevelt National Park (TNRP) for population management purposes. Senator [...]

Will the FCC Ever Deal with Bird-Killing Mobile Phone Towers?

A friend of mine, who works for the FCC, sent me this article knowing that I would have an interest in it… The FCC will soon be able to celebrate seven years of sitting on its [...]

Now is a Great Time to Book Your Travel to the Annual Conference

I don’t want to come off like I an advertisement for the airlines, but now is a great time to book your airline travel for the TWS Annual Conference taking place September 20-24 in Monterey, California. [...]