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October, 2009

Bad Dogs: Coyotes Kill Canadian Teenager

We are constantly reminded that that wild carnivores are not warm and fuzzy analogs to our domestic pets.  The Associated Press reports that two coyotes attacked and killed a 19-year-old Canadian woman while she was hiking [...]

Wildlife Rehabilitation Facilities: Are They Worth the Expense?

Wildlife rehabilitation facilities are becoming commonplace on the North American landscape. A recent controversy has arisen over the British Columbia Ministry of the Environment’s support of a bear rehabilitation center.  The Ministry partially funded the center, even [...]

Need a JOB? Search well. Search fast. Search TWS Career Center!

Here’s what we offer: Hundreds of wildlife jobs for all career levels. Personalized e-mail alerts. Receive email notifications when a job ad matches your search. Resume posting. Apply for jobs directly online or keep your resume [...]

USGS Releases Report on Risks Associated With Giant Snake Introductions

A new report by USGS assesses the risks associated with the introduction of giant constrictors, such as the Burmese python, into the southeastern United States. Possible methods of control are also discussed. Federal and state agencies [...]

Check Out the October Issue of The Wildlifer

In this issue: TWS Honors Ronald F. Labisky President’s Podium Policy News Conference News 2009 TWS Photo Competition Winners 17th Annual Conference Call for Proposals TWS Awards News from Headquarters Section News Related Wildlife News Meetings [...]

King of Beasts in Trouble

According to an op ed in the Washington Post by reknowned wildlife photographer and author, Dereck Joubert, the number of African lions has dwindled to around 16,000-23,000. A mere fifty years ago , the species’ population numbered [...]

Caribou Numbers Down: Climate Change Blamed

A recent study has determined that the numbers of migrating caribou is declining significantly. Climate change is thought to be one of the primary culprits.  These results join a growing number of studies documenting the impacts [...]

Texas A&M Chapter of Wildlife Society Wins National Quiz Bowl

The Texas A&M Chapter of Wildlife Society won the National Quiz Bowl Competition at Monterey Bay, California on Sept 22. The competition was with 14 teams, from universities including SUNY – Syracuse, Utah State University and [...]

Abstracts, Photos, Audio Recordings and Shirts from The Wildlife Society Annual Conference

For those that attended The Wildlife Society Annual Conference in Monterey, CA, thank you for attending. Attendees and non-attendees can access abstracts the Annual Conference by clicking on this link. Photographs from the conference are available [...]

USGS Public Lecture Series

USGS invites you to attend their monthly public lecture series. The next lecture entitled “Out of Africa: Dust in the Wind” will be held on Wednesday, October 7 from 7:00 – 8:00 PM in the Dallas [...]