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December | 2009 | The Wildlife Society News

December, 2009

Where did San Francisco’s Sea Lions Go?

The sea lions that have made Pier 39 in San Francisco their home since 1990 have all but disappeared over the last month. Where there were once 1700 sea lions, there now appears to be only [...]

Everglades National Park Launches Campaign to Keep New Invasives Out

Everglades National Park is getting serious about keeping additional invasive species out of the park’s sensitive habitats.  In an effort to better inform the public, the park has launched a “don’t let it loose” campaign to [...]

Deer Management in my Backyard

This morning at breakfast I was reading our local community newspaper, The Gazette.  The front page story talked about the challenges of deer management in parks located very close to my neighborhood.  This has been an [...]

Perspectives on Linking Certification With Membership

As Southeastern Section Representative to TWS Council, I have heard a number of concerns regarding the recent change in bylaws that requires membership to maintain certification.  I would like to clear up some common misconceptions and [...]

‘Polar Obsession’: Beauty, Science and…

I want to share this story that I saw on ABC News this morning.  It tells the story of wildlife biologist and photographer Paul Nicklen and highlights the threat to wildlife due to climate change. ‘Polar [...]

Support The Wildlife Society COWCH Program

As we are closing in on the end of the year – and the end of the decade – I want to thank you for your continued support and membership in The Wildlife Society. TWS has [...]