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February | 2010 | The Wildlife Society News

February, 2010

IPCC to Seek Outside Review

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will seek an independent outside review to clean up any problems with its content. The Nobel prize winning panel has received criticism lately due to some typos and sloppy [...]

Tribal Wildlife Grants Support Many Projects

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced $7 million in grants to support 42 Native American wildlife conservation projects in 16 states.   Grants range from an assessment of golden eagle populations by the Hopi tribe in Arizona to the Jamestown [...]

The Bird That’s Saving a Nation

No one could have guessed that a parrot named Sirocco, born in 1997, would have survived his respiratory illness, let alone go on to become a national icon and ambassador of conservation for New Zealand. Sirocco [...]

Western Agencies Cooperate to Improve Rangeland

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting on a new project that has been proposed to improve 136,000 acres of rangeland in Rich County that’s nearly twice the area of Salt Lake City. This project is a [...]

A Call for Reform

Writing in The Journal of Wildlife Management this month, Cynthia Jacobson, John Organ, Dan Decker, and other leaders in the wildlife field argue that,”The wildlife conservation institution needs to reform to maintain legitimacy and relevancy in the [...]

The Bird is the Word!

Everybody’s talkin’ about the bird…Snowbird that is! Snowbird, Utah will play host to The Wildlife Society’s 17th Annual Conference taking place October 2-7, 2010. The new conference website has just been launched and will provide information [...]

Post Your Resume and Search Jobs on Wildlife Careers

On the The Wildlife Society Career Center you can do the TWO things most likely to land you that dream job – Post Your Resume and Apply for Jobs Specific to Your Area of Interest! This [...]

Phone Apps for Wildlifers

Identify animal tracks, stargaze, geocache, hunt and birdwatch all with the help of your phone. Technology now allows those with app ready phones to download, pretty much, any tool you can think of to help you [...]

California Condors Poisoned by Lead Pellets

In January, a team from The Peregrine Fund recovered carcasses of three California condors in northern Arizona. Yesterday, they announced that scientists at San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research had performed necropsies and confirmed that fragments of spent [...]

TWS Hosting New Tele-Conference

What a Clean Energy and Climate Bill Means for Natural Resource Professionals What: A tele-conference for wildlife and natural resource managers, scientists, professors and students When: Thursday, March 4th at 4pm EST (1pm pacific), call will [...]