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April | 2010 | The Wildlife Society News

April, 2010

CBD Goals for Biodiversity Conservation Not Being Met

A new report by BirdLife International suggests that world leaders are failing to deliver on their commitments to reduce the global loss of biological diversity through the Convention on Biodiversity or CBD.  The United Nations Environment [...]

Hunters and Anglers Protest Oil Leasing Plan

The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership–a coalition of hunters and anglers and supporting conservation and science-based organizations, including TWS and the National Willdife Federation–protested an existing oil leasing plan on BLM land that threatens a wildlife rich area of north-central Colorado.  [...]

“Right to Privacy” for Animals?

Brett Mills of the University of East Anglica believes that animals should have the “right to privacy” when it comes to pesky wildlife filmmakers and photographers. He contends it is ethically wrong to film people doing private things, so [...]

Feral Cat Advocates Respond: Ignore Science and the Plight of Wildlife

Our readers may be interested in the response of feral cat advocates (a peculiar form of animal rights thinking) to recent press releases and blogs by the American Bird Conservancy and TWS.  Not only does this response by [...]

Gulf Oil Spill Reaches Outlying Coastal Marshlands: Could be Worse Than Exxon Valdez

The massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has reached portions of the outlying Louisiana coastal marshes, including one National Wildlife Refuge, and has the potential to wreak havoc with a wide variety of terrestrial and [...]

Gulf Oil Spill Could be Disastrous for Fish and Wildlife

The rapidly spreading oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is now headed for southeastern United States, and once it hits the coast, the resultant damage to fish and wildlife could be massive.  The Mississippi delta [...]

Florida Snake Ban Heads to Governor

A ban on the sale of potentially invasive large constrictor snakes, such as the Burmese python, has been passed by the Florida legislature and is on its way to the governor for signature.  The exotic pet [...]

Quiz Bowl for High School Students

The Canon Envirothon is the largest natural resources competition for high school students in North America. Every year, over 500,000 students start at the local level and vie to become a top placing team at their [...]

Journal of Wildlife Management Featured Authors Profiled in The Washington Post

The Wildlife Society’s Journal of Wildlife Management is used as a reference tool by wildlife professionals and organizations across the globe. Both Dr. L. David Mech and Joe Burns commented about the publications expertise and educational [...]

Compromise On Natural Gas Reached With Bureau of Land Management

An 8-year dispute between conservation groups and the BLM, over natural gas wells in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico, has finally ended. The dispute began when groups claimed that BLM violated NEPA and other [...]