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July | 2010 | The Wildlife Society News

July, 2010

TWS Power Restored

Power has finally been restored at The Wildlife Society Offices in Bethesda, MD after a severe storm knocked our power and e-mail out for an entire week.   Please note that any e-mails sent to us that [...]

TRCP’s Franklin Appointed to Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council

The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership’s (TRCP’s) Vice President for Policy and Government Relations and former President of The Wildlife Society Tom Frankin was appointed to the Obama Administration’s new Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council.  See [...]

Canada Goose Reduction – Story vs. Headline

A recent item in the NY Times on a plan to remove Canada geese around NY City airports seemed to mix achieving the statewide population goal for Canada geese with a proposed local action.  The proposed action around [...]

What Happens When Free-roaming Cats and Dogs Pick on Wildife Their Own Size or Bigger

What happens when free-roaming suburban cats and dogs get too close to mama deer? Check out this video. Too bad birds and small animals can’t fight back when attacked by feral cats and packs of feral [...]

Wild Tiger Numbers Hit Historical Low

A new report by the Wildlife Conservation Society indicates that wild tiger populations have hit a historical low throughout their range.  WCS has asked the Obama administation to step up to the plate and try to [...]

Transmission Lines: Another Impact of Wind Farms

A recent article in the Seattle discusses an additional environmental cost of wind farms: transmission lines.  In order to carry the energy produced by wind farms to users, transmission lines are needed. Wildlife conservationists and managers [...]

Feral Cats, Science and Wildlife Conservation

In a recent editorial on his personal website/blog (Vox Felina), Peter Wolf spends an inordinate amount of time penning a long letter to me about feral cat management.  He takes issue with the fact that feral [...]

Fishing Bait as Destructive Exotics

A recent article in the Park Rapids (Minnesota) by Jason Durham discusses the dangers that exotic fishing bait may pose to native ecosystems. In fact, most people are not aware that the worms in our [...]

The Wildlife Society Annual Conference in Snowbird, UT

Snowbird Invitation Annual Conference View more presentations from ruxgiura. [...]

Migratory Birds Far from the Gulf May Still Suffer

Researchers at the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology are studying the effects of toxic contamination from the Gulf oil spill on the fecundity of migratory birds. While scientists know that toxins are detrimental to bird reproduction, [...]