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August | 2010 | The Wildlife Society News

August, 2010

Bear Hunt Moves Forward in New Jersey

On 21 July 2010, Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin approved a new Comprehensive Black Bear Management Program (CBBMP) for the State of New Jersey that would include the reintroduction of lethal measures to limit [...]

TWS Student Travel Grant Winners

TWS is pleased to announce the winners for this year’s student travel grants. Before the drum roll, we want to thank the almost 70 applicants who applied making this year’s the most competitive ever. Okay, back [...]

Surprise! More Scary Diseases Associated with Feral Cats

Add typhus to the long list of human health risks posed by feral cats. Most recently, an outbreak of typhus in Orange County, California, was traced to cat fleas. Out of 16 cases (14 confirmed, two likely), ten [...]

Whitehouse Downplays Dire Consequences of BP Oil Spill

Lately, the news from the Gulf of Mexico has been surprisingly upbeat, given that just over a month ago oil was gushing madly into its waters. Now, NOAA’s recently released “BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Budget: Where Did [...]

Road Could Disrupt World’s Greatest Land Mammal Migration

Tanzania is planning on building a commercial road through the 5,700 square-mile Serengetti National Park, a project that could potentially disrupt one the world’s greatest remaining migration of land mammals. The project at issue is the proposed [...]

The Wildlife Society Annual Conference Justification Toolkit

In these critical times, achieving effective results demands a paradigm shift that can only be realized with exposure to new thoughts and ideas. The Wildlife Society Annual Conference will help you discover and implement ideas that [...]

Biologist and Pilot Injured in Wyoming Plane Crash

Martin Hicks, 38, a biologist for Wyoming Game and Fish, and pilot Fred Romanjenko, 54, were both injured when their plane crashed Monday morning near Douglas, Wyoming. Hicks was reported to be in stable condition and [...]

“Green Cats”?: Feral Cat Advocates Launch New Campaign to Deceive the Public

Feral cat advocates are now arguing that cats are a “green”, non-toxic way to rid ourselves of rats and mice.  This ridiculous idea is right out of the Middle Ages–a time before modern traps, targeted toxins [...]

Feral Swine Blacklisted in Michigan

Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE) is planning to list feral swine as an invasive species in the state, a move that would make it illegal for anyone in Michigan to own them. A [...]

Research Continues as White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) Spreads to Bats in the American West

Research continues into the potential causes and remedies for White-Nose Syndrome, a dangerous and highly virulent infection afflicting bat species across the United States and Canada. The disease, which some scientists have speculated may be caused [...]