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September | 2010 | The Wildlife Society News

September, 2010

Whale Sharks in Deep Water

Add another species to the list of fish and wildlife affected by the oil spill in the Gulf: whale sharks. The spill impacted a critical stretch of feeding habitat for these 45-foot-long fish, considered a protected [...]

USFWS Launches New Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has launched a new plan for climate change adaptation. “The plan, titled “Rising to the Urgent Challenge: Strategic Plan for Responding to Accelerating Climate Change,” provides a framework within which [...]

Your Contribution to Conservation

If you have a VHF transmitter, receiver, or antenna that you no longer use, consider donating it to Idea Wild, a non-profit organization that provides free equipment and supplies-including laptops, slide projectors, binoculars, GPS units, tents, [...]

Get your free TWS water bottle

Ready for the Annual Conference in Snowbird, Utah? The Wasatch Mountains are among the most beautiful in America and we hope you will enjoy every minute of your visit. Remember to prepare for being at a [...]

Exotic Pets Can Be Bad for the Environment

The discovery of an alligator in Wisconsin’s Big Muskego Lake highlights one of the biggest problems with exotic pets: When people tire of the animals, they release them into nature, potentially creating harmful invasions. The release [...]

Wildlife, Uncut

What do the circus and a wildlife documentary have in common? The bears are trained…or at least some of them are, according to a new book by Chris Palmer called Shooting in the Wild. Palmer reveals a [...]

“Green Cat” Advocates Make the Case for Cat Urine and Saliva as Forms of Rodent Control

The so-called “green cat” advocates are at it again. This time they have embraced scientific work that shows that mice avoid cat urine and saliva (not a major revelation), and are using it to promote the idea [...]

“Green Cat” Myth Spreading Internationally

The so-called “green cat” movement in the US is spreading its myths again and this time internationally and on an island–perhaps the the most vulnerable of all ecological systems to the deleterious affects of these non-native predators. On [...]

Otters Poisoned by Toxic Algae Bloom

The LA Times reported today of another hurdle for the California’s sea otter to cross. The culprit is a type of cyanobacteria that rises in warmer and polluted waters. The otter’s have survived much over the [...]

Saturday is National Public Lands Day!

On September 25th, the National Park Service and America’s Great Outdoors Campaign will celebrate outdoors recreation by offering free admission to 392 national parks. Fees related to admission are waived, but camping, reservation, tours, and concession [...]