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October | 2010 | The Wildlife Society News

October, 2010

“Wild Talk” on Radiolab

“Reporter Ari Daniel Shapiro talks to Klaus Zuberbuhler about his work in the Tai Forest of West Africa. When Klaus first came to the forest, he hit a wall of sound. But he slowly started making [...]

A Melting Pot of Conservation Resources for Kids

There’s no time like childhood to inspire a love of nature – and a commitment to conservation. To help your kids get a good start, Suzanne Davies has compiled 100 kid-friendly online resources about wildlife, ecology, [...]

“One Giant Leap” Toward Extinction

Every year, an average of 52 species of wildlife move one step closer to extinction, according to a report in the journal Science released this week. A large, international team analyzed International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) [...]

Trouble at the Biological Diversity Convention

The United Nations has declared 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity, and has convened in Japan on October 18th for the Convention of Biological Diversity to strategize on how to protect Earth’s natural resources. [...]

Giants’ Thundering Increases Biodiversity

Elephants have gotten themselves into a lot of trouble with their affinity for stomping around. The damage done to villages and gardens by wandering elephants in search of food is an ongoing and serious conflict between [...]

White Nose Syndrome Update: More Funding, Research Needed

If current trends in mortality continue, modeling has projected the potential for complete loss within 20 years of some, if not all American bat species. [...]

Vanity Fair Puts Feral Horses in the Spotlight

In a recent short documentary and accompanying editorial online for Vanity Fair magazine, authors/filmmakers Kurt Brungardt and Jeff Roth explore the “Mustang Crisis” they believe America is facing. Unfortunately for their audience, they don’t explore the [...]

The Wildlife Society 18th Annual Conference: Call for Proposals

Workshops, Symposia, Panel Discussions, Breakfast Roundtables, and Special Poster Sessions The conference is taking place in Waikoloa, Hawaii (The Big Island) from November 5  through November 10, 2011. Submission Deadline:  January 14, 2011 Proposals for workshops, [...]

New Bats in New Guinea

“Yoda” Bat is just one of the 224  newly discovered species. The results of a pair of 2009 expeditions into the remote Nakanai and Muller Mountain ranges of Papua New Guinea were released earlier in the month. [...]

20 Goals for 2020

IN 2002 the United Nations adopted 8 Millennium Goals. One of the purposes of these goals was to stop the loss of biodiversity and create a sustainable society. Eight years after these goals were set extinction [...]