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November, 2010

Habitat Designated for Polar Bears

The Fish and Wildlife Service announced yesterday the 187,000 square miles of Northern Alaska coastline designated for critical habitat for polar bears (Ursus maritimus). This decision was prompted by the ongoing lawsuit brought by the Center [...]

Race To Catch Invasive Lionfish in Florida Keys

Last week, The New York Times reported on Florida’s most recent attempt to eliminate the invasive lionfish (Pterois volitans): Lionfish Derbies! Lionfish were first noticed near the Florida Keys in 2009, but it did not take [...]

Congressman Boehlert on Climate Science and the GOP

Writing in the Washington Post, Republican Congressman Sherwood Boehlert takes his own party to task for ignoring the broad scientific consensus on climate science. No matter what your political leaning, this is an interesting read.  The Wildlife Society (TWS) [...]

Toronto’s PSA on Feral Cats

Keep Animals Safe – Watch today’s top amazing videos here [...]

A Record Day for TWS!

As of today, The Wildlife Society has more members than ever before in its 73-year history, surpassing the previous high of 9,619 set all the way back in 1996. TWS is now 9,637 members strong–and counting! We [...]

Keeping Cats Indoors is Good for Cats and Wildlife: The Keep Animals Safe Campaign

Wow, someone finally gets it!! Canadian wildlife rehabilitators, conservationists, zoological parks, and animal welfare organizations have banded together to get out a very important message to pet cat owners: BOTH wildlife and your pets are safer when cats are [...]

Recycle Your Cell Phones

Did you know you can save the life of a gorilla in the Congo just by recycling your old Cellphone? It’s true, check out the video below from Today’s Green Minute, with Jim Parks. Rare Earth Minerals have [...]

Student Submission Awards 2010

For this year’s annual conference in Snowbird, students were asked to submit papers and posters for a presentation session at the conference. The submissions encompassed themes from hunting to sea life. After presenting their work as [...]

Predatory Gull Population Increased By Landfills

On 8 November, Mongabay news reported the recent findings of the influence of landfills on gull populations. In northern Alaska, glaucous gulls (Larus hyperboreus) are taking full advantage of the easy meal ticket, feasting off french [...]

DC Wildlife Protection Act Passes Unanimously

The Council of the District of Columbia voted in favor of the Wildlife Protection Act of 2010 (WPA) during the final reading and vote on 9 November 2010. The Wildlife Society opposed this bill and the [...]