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December | 2010 | The Wildlife Society News

December, 2010

The Great Migration on 60 Minutes

Over the weekend, 60 Minutes had a story on The Great Migration that takes place between Tanzania and Kenya. The migration numbers approximately 2 million wildebeest, zebra and gazelle that group communally for protection as they [...]

Wilderness Policy Reversal

Just before dashing out for the holidays, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar took the time on Thursday, December 23rd to sign a secretarial order which restores the Bureau of Land Management’s ability to identify and protect valuable wilderness areas, to [...]

Rogue African Tortoise Thrived in Sonoran Desert

For the second time this year, scientists with Arizona’s Game and Fish Department (AGFD) have discovered an alien in the desert–an African spurred tortoise (Geochelone sulcata). This non-native tortoise , weighing in at 100 pounds, was [...]

New Hope for Short-tailed Albatross

After four years of courtship, a pair of short-tailed albatrosses (Phoebastria albatrus) has laid and is tending an egg on Eastern Island, 1200 miles northwest of Honolulu. If the egg hatches, it will be the first [...]

Capture & Restraint Workshop March 14-15, 2011

The Missouri Western State University Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society is hosting a Safe-Capture International’s workshop on Chemical Immobilization of Animals: Free-ranging and Captive Wildlife to be held on campus at the Conservation Building 14-15 [...]

Jeff Corwin Showcases Species on the Brink of Extinction

In 100 Heartbeats: the Race to Save Earth’s Most Endangered Species (Rodale 2009), celebrity conservationist Jeff Corwin tells the compelling stories of species whose populations have dwindled to fewer than 100 individuals — the “Hundred Heartbeats [...]

“Gasland” and the Fracking of America

Over the weekend I watched a fascinating film titled “Gasland”.  This documentary is done by Josh Fox and shows the effects of hydraulic fracturing or fracking.  Fracking is used for natural gas extraction in deep natural [...]

American Airlines Magazine Gets an A (in my book)!

While recently traveling, I was pleased to read an article about alligator biology in American Airline’s magazine, American Way (December 2010). Most readers may open it for the article on teenage singing sensation Taylor Swift. But, [...]

The Wildlife Professional: Winter 2010

We just uploaded our newest issue of The Wildlife Professional onto Issuu. You can browse through it below, or by going to and taking a look. In this issue we focus on the native heritages [...]

Michigan Classifies Feral Pigs as Invasive

The Michigan State Department of Natural Resource’s Director signed an order classifying feral pigs as an invasive species. If the legislature fails to enact further regulations before July 8th, it will be illegal to possess wild [...]