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June, 2011

Sportsmen and Women Have a Stake in Marcellus Debate

A growing number of sportsmen and women are voicing their concerns over impacts of Marcellus Shale gas development to outdoor sporting activities. While not necessarily opposed to hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, – a technique used to [...]

Nile Monitors Reproducing in Florida

There is a new threat to Florida’s native wildlife: Nile monitors, large predatory lizards native to Africa, are now breeding in the state. This is devastating news for a state that is still trying to deal [...]

U.S. National Parks Threatened

America has a big problem–its national parks are being  threatened by a myriad of factors, ranging from adjacent commercial and residential development and its associated pollution to invasive species to habitat fragmentation to the loss of [...]

Congress Proposes Deep Cuts for Invasive Species Control

In pursuing its ‘cut everything we can’ strategy for the federal budget, Congress is considering deep cuts in critical invasive species control. Recognizing the potential problems associated with such an action, some senators are fighting back. Invasive species [...]

Introduced Rats Must Go From Offshore Islands!

An article by Jacob Sugerman on explains why introduced rats must be eradicated from offshore islands, where they are causing serious ecological damage, particularly to populations of rare or threatened marine bird species that nest there. [...]

Call for Volunteers

The Wildlife Society Annual Conference is taking place November 5-10, 2011 on the “Big Island” of Hawaii.  We are putting out a call for volunteers.  While we prefer wildlife students to be volunteers, we will accept [...]

Feral Cat Advocates Demonstrate Their Anti-Conservation Views

Although I don’t particularly like giving such anti-conservation organizations any publicity, I also feel it is important for the general public and the many thousands of wildlife professionals that TWS represents to be aware of what [...]

National Fishing in Schools Program

The National Fishing in Schools Program (NFSP), a nationwide educational program dedicated to engaging students in nature through the sport of fly fishing, is continuing to make waves around the country. Since The Wildlife Professional highlighted [...]

Marine Environments in Big Trouble

A report by an international panel of experts on the state of the world’s oceans provides a dim view of the future of marine resources. Overfishing, pollution, algal blooms and dead zones, and dying coral reefs [...]

The Wildlife Society 18th Annual Conference Schedule Highlights*

We have received requests of an overview of events for The Wildlife Society Annual Conference.  All events listed below are open to all registered attendees Friday, November 4 9:00 am – 5:00 pm                            Council Meeting [...]