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November, 2011

Bullfrogs, Politics and the Future of Amphibian Conservation

The Los Angeles Times recently reported on the growing problem of bullfrogs imported into the United States for food and the spread of the chytrid fungus that is decimating native amphibian populations around the world. Attempts to [...]

New COWCH Video

Fantastic news, everyone! There’s a new COWCH (Celebrating Our Wildlife Conservation Heritage) video up on our Vimeo page! The COWCH project is dedicated to preserving the history of wildlife conservation through interviews with prominent pioneers of [...]

New Reports on Feral and Outdoor Cats and Disease

Cat advocacy groups, such as Alley Cat Allies and Best Friends, continue to downplay the disease  risks to humans and wildlife that come from having too many feral and outdoor domestic cats in the environment. Here are [...]

Global Population Reaches 7 Billion

According to the United Nations, the world’s population reached 7 billion a few days ago. While many people celebrated this “”milestone”, all conservationists and humanists should be concerned. A large percentage of these people continue to [...]

The Wildlife Society Responds to Dr. Dauphine Case on Attempted Animal Cruelty

On Monday, October 31, a D.C. Superior Court judge found Dr. Nico Dauphine—a researcher with the Smithsonian’s Migratory Bird Center—guilty of attempted cruelty to feral cats that congregated near her building. The Wildlife Society (TWS) cannot [...]