The Wildlife Professional, Fall 2013 Table of Contents

        Why Turkeys Thrive in Wisconsin By Scott Hull, Brian Dhuey, Scott Lutz, Chris Pollentier, and Scott Walter  Making Science Sexy By Dan Riskin Eggs on Ice  By Cassie Martin  Tumors in Sea [...]

Why Turkeys Thrive in Wisconsin

Wisconsin turkey hunters going out for their first spring hunt in 2013 literally had the entire state at their fingertips. Healthy and abundant wild turkey populations provided excellent hunting opportunities across the state, from the oak [...]

Tumors in Sea Turtles

Early in July 2013, a colleague in New Caledonia reported the stranding of a green sea turtle on the far northwest of the island. The animal had washed up dead on a rocky beach with multiple [...]

Eggs on Ice

Scientists at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW) in Berlin, Germany, have published study results that suggest potential improvement for the cryopreservation of eggs of endangered felid species. The development may offer hope [...]

Letters to the Editor

Below are the full Letters to the Editor submitted by readers. Versions used in print were edited to fit the space available, and were sent to the authors for their approval prior to publication. NRA Sidebar [...]

The Wildlife Professional, Fall 2013 Bibliography

Making Science Sexy By Dan Riskin • Michiels, N. K., and L. J. Newman. Sex and violence in hermaphrodites. Nature 391: 647. • Naylor, R., S. J. Richardson, and B. M. McAllan. 2008. Boom and bust: [...]

Now in Print: The Wildlife Professional Fall 2013 Issue

The fall 2013 issue of The Wildlife Professional is in print. In this issue, we examine why turkeys thrive in Wisconsin, how freezing egg cells may help conserve rare felids, and the impact of tumor disease [...]

Ants for — and as — Wildlife

Chances are that no matter where you are, you’re never more than a few feet from an ant nest. Proximity, like familiarity, breeds contempt, and the near-daily interactions between “Us” and “Them” are rarely positive. Carpenter [...]

Our Safari Adventures in South Africa

We began our African adventure on the “Golden Mile” — a popular beachfront of Durban, South Africa — with a tour of Sea World Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the southern Hemisphere. The following day we [...]

Three Tales from South Africa

It helps to have friends in high places — a lesson we all learned last summer when, with the help of supportive advisors, we were fortunate enough to obtain funding to attend the IV International Wildlife [...]