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Coyotes Heart NY | The Wildlife Society News
Blog — March 23, 2012

Researchers report in the newly released spring issue of The Wildlife Professional that coyotes have made their way into the heart of Manhattan—and they’re quite content to stay (read the full article here). This is big news in the Big Apple: the article was the subject of a blog post by the The New York Times yesterday (read it here). Since the first coyote siting in New York City in 1999, individuals have taken up residence in Central Park and even led police on a two-day chase through lower Manahattan (watch part of the video here). Coyotes are a growing presence not just in this city, but in other urban areas around the U.S. In the article titled “The Last Frontier: Eastern Coyotes in New York City,” researcher Anne Toomey and colleagues explore the spread of coyotes into New York’s boroughs, discuss their impacts on the region’s ecology, and examine the challenges facing wildlife managers and residents in increasingly coyote-filled urban environments.


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