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What Others Say About the Conference | The Wildlife Society News
Blog — August 03, 2011

I can talk about the benefits of The Wildlife Society Annual Conference until I am blue in the face, but I rather you hear it from your colleagues.  Listed below are actual comments we received from attendees following the 2010 TWS Annual Conference in Snowbird, UT.

Excellent and relevant presentations. One of the largest and most exciting meetings for wildlife professionals in the U.S.
Kent Fricke., TX

Very organized, professional conference. Great diversity of topics and great networking.

Doug Parsons, FL

Great place to make contacts, good place to get up-to-date on wildlife issues.

Brad Nelson, GA

TWS Conferences provide tremendous opportunities to meet with other professionals, share topics of interest and stay current on technical issues.
Robert Carey, CA

It was a great opportunity as an undergraduate student to rub shoulders with the great people in the wildlife profession, as well as learn just how many opportunities are out there to get involved and find a place to belong.
Brittany Ederer, WI

As a wildlife student the Annual Conference was a great way to meet professionals in the wildlife field as well as other students from around the country. It was also great to get a preview of what kind of work I could do with wildlife in my future career.
Justin Purnell, CA

The presentations and posters are educational. Networking opportunities are valuable. It’s interesting to see what research is happening.

Katie Benzel, MT

As a University educator/researcher the annual conference provides symposia and contributed paper sessions dealing with undergraduate education or topics germane to my research interest. Policy, toxicology, climate science, physiology, ecology, systematics, restoration, conservation, curriculum matters, diversity in the profession, and spirited quiz bowl competition; it was all there!
Doug Slack, TX

TWS Annual Conference is THE place to get current on advances in research, education, and management while networking with colleagues.
Dana Sanchez, OR

Good chance to hear talks on diverse subjects. Good network/chance to meet colleagues you don’t normally have a chance to interact with. Expands your scope of professional knowledge.
Ed Bangs, MT

The Wildlife Society Annual conference provided a great opportunity to hear about wildlife and ecology research on a wide variety of topics from a wide variety of universities, agencies, and other orgnaizations. As a student, wildlife professional, and researcher, hearing about interesting work and new ideas was stimulating and reinvigortaing. I know that I, and many of my colleagues, returned to work after the conference feeling excited and inspired.
Shannon Farrell, TX

If you are a Professional Wildlife Biologist or aspire to be a Professional Wildlife Biologist this is the conference to attend for the most up-to-date research. findings.
Eric Rominger, NM

It was a great networking opportunity and I walked away with many internships, continuing education and job opportunities as well.
Holly Taylor, TX

As a student and a member of the wildlife community I think this is an excellent opportunity for students professors and professionals alike to get together and emphasize important aspects of wildlife.

Kate Howard, CA

The annual conference is the best place to interact with other wildlife professionals and learn of new research topics and techniques before they are published.

Daniel Linden, MI

Attending the TWS annual conference provides a great opportunity for professional networking and continuing education. More importantly, this meeting allows endless opportunities for mentoring and learning from enthusiastic students – those who will shape the future of conservation.
Jeffrey Brooks, AK

The Wildlife Society Conference is an excellent opportunity to network with professionals in your field of study, to find graduate positions, jobs, or any other learning opportunity. It is also an excellent opportunity to listen to different lectures that are not necessarily taught at your institution. I have had the privalege of attending two conferences and have loved both!
Nicole Hodges, MS

As a graduate student, the conference was an amazing opportunity to meet wildlife professionals from across the country. The sessions I attended were fascinating, and I gained valuable advice from my poster presentation.

William Barnett, MT

In terms of opportunities for networking, professional development, and meeting up with old friends, the Annual Conference is by far the most productive few days of the year. All this, and we get to support our Society too!!

Jonathan Derbridge, AZ

Good opportunity to network with resource management professionals.
Holly Hartmann, OR

While regional conferences provide valuable, local connections – the national conference provides the opportunity to network with specialized biologists from diverse backgrounds. It also provides the an outlet to learn about management issues and emerging management tools in various regions that may be applicable to your own work.
Amber Breland, MS

Great place to network and learn more about both my subject matter and new subjects. Met many people in a relaxed atmosphere.

Amy Raybuck, NC

The TWS meeting offers unmatched opportunities for networking with a diverse array of people. The theme of and topics addressed in the technical sessions are relevant to current issues. The conference is very well organized and offers activites for attendees at all levels of the profession.
Shauna Marquardt, MO

The annual conference provides excellent opportunities for continuing education. Cross-cutting themes and patterns that emerge from the variety of talks help me identify the leading edges of trends in the profession. And it provides an opportunity for me to foster relationships among agency and academic colleagues throughout North America. It is an invaluable experience for students and professionals alike.
Jacqueline Frair, NY

The conference is a great venue to present your information to your peers and network with professionals from across the globe.

Robert Horan, GA

As a student it was a great learning experience as well as excellent for networking!
Chrystie Vernola, NY

For wildlifers, it is THE annual professional meeting, to see what key topics our profession is charged with addressing – plus it’s a great way to catch up with old colleagues and friends.
Mary Rowland, OR

The annual tws conference is essential for networking, as well as a great motivation and inspirational tool.
Meadow Kouffeld, MN

It was an excelent experience. As a student it was reasuring to talk to profesionals about where to go from undergrad.
Justin French, TX

The national conference is a useful networking opportunity as well as a learning experience for what other professionals are doing in our field.
Whisper Camel, MT

It’s a great place to network. It’s a great place for graduate students to see similar projects and learn new techniques.

Pat Jackson, UT

Provides an excellent opportunity for fisheries and range scientists to collaborate with, and learn from, wildlife scientists.

Kathryn Boyer, OR

The Conference is an excellent place for students to interact with professionals in the field, make connections and share ideas. The workshops and presentations can help you further your knowledge in a subject or introduce you to new areas of study you had never considered.
Amanda Bowe, PA

TWS is an outstanding organization that has worked very hard to provide tangible benefits to its members and has added substantial value in recent years in what the society offers wildlife professionals. The annual conference is a culmination of all that and more–fantastic applicable workshops and programs, the latest findings in wildlife research, indepth discussions of challenges ahead, and factors to consider in addressing various wildlife issues while working towards resolution. The annual conference embodies the forward thinking and proactive, positive momentum of The Wildlife Society. It feels great to be a part of that in person at the annual TWS conference.
Sarah Bucklin, WY

Every professional should attend this conference to stay up on the current scientific information.
Kreig Rasmussen, UT

As a chapter officer, the opportunity to observe the intricate workings of the overall TWS conference, council, and interaction with other professionals cannot be compared with other venues or events. As a member, the conference is a great way to engage in more than just one’s state or local level operations. The TWS is a great organization to build links with others in our field.
Stan Harter, WY

For more information on the the 2011 conference click here.


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