The Wildlife Society is an international, non-profit association dedicated to excellence in wildlife stewardship through science and education. Membership is available at different levels (national/international, section, chapter, student chapter) and interests.


Sections are the regional networks of The Wildlife Society in North America. Each section encompasses several states, provinces, or republics.


Chapters are the local networks of The Wildlife Society. They generally use a state or province boundary to define their memberships, although more or less than one state or province may be served by a chapter depending upon local membership needs.

Student Chapters

Student chapters are the college/university-level networks of The Wildlife Society. Student chapters are run by the students for the students while being advised by a college/university faculty advisor.

Working Groups

Working groups are forums for members with common professional interests to network, exchange information and promote science-based decision making and management of wildlife and its habitats. Working groups publish newsletters, hold meetings, conduct policy analysis, and organize technical symposia and workshops.

For Officers

The For Officers page contains all of the necessary resources for our subunit officers, including report forms; model bylaws, charters, and strategic plans; policies; tax forms; and more.

Policy Toolkit for Subunits

The Policy Toolkit for Subunits has been designed to provide information to our chapters, student chapters, sections, and working groups, as well as our individual members, about how to develop a Conservation Affairs Committee, how our Government Affairs Program works and how they can get involved in wildlife policy activities.