Subunit Policy Guidelines

The Wildlife Society's membership has a desire for the Society to take a more active role in addressing wildlife policy issues and legislation that directly affect wildlife and/or its habitat. Therefore, TWS Council feels there is a need to coordinate our efforts to ensure TWS is effective in meeting its objectives. The following material is intended to inform you, as TWS members, about how chapters, sections, and working groups can most effectively be involved.

Development of Position Statements

As the scientific society for professional wildlife managers and conservationists, TWS has a responsibility to address national and international issues that affect the current and future status of wildlife in North America and throughout the world. The diligent development of authoritative, science-based statements on wildlife issues is essential for interjecting wildlife concerns into decision-making processes. The Wildlife Society fills this role through development of position statements.

Sections, chapters, and working groups may also desire to formulate position statements pertaining to subjects in their locale or subject area. They are authorized to do so when the statement addresses a topic upon which TWS does not have a position statement or when the statement would be consistent with existing TWS position statements.

What is a position statement?

A position statement is a carefully prepared and concise exposition on a wildlife issue that defines the issue, contains factual background data, describes the most probable biological, social, and economic results of alternative actions, and may also contain a recommended course(s) of action. For more information for how these are developed by the parent society, please read A Guide to TWS Position Statements.

What is the policy for subunits regarding position statements?

TWS Council must approve all position statements developed by working groups prior to their final adoption by the working group. Any statements by sections and chapters that conflict with those already adopted by TWS must be submitted to TWS Council for review and possible approval. Sections, chapters, and working groups are encouraged to communicate with the Director of Government Affairs when developing position statements. Copies of all statements adopted by sections, chapters, and working groups must be forwarded to TWS Headquarters upon approval.